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The Art & Science of Retention

June 10, 2008


History reports that when asked how he came to create his masterful sculptures, Michelangelo answered that he didn’t chisel away the marble to carve out the life-like figures, so much as remove the stone that was covering up the figure trapped inside. That his task was not to enforce his will rather it was to liberate.

Whether we chose to believe the story or not – it comes to punctuate the essential quality of a successful retention program. That of creating a balanced harmony that seeks to free customers to make their choices based on deeper level desires to partner with the brand for its innate benefits rather than a reliance on some “forced” bind.

In the coming instalments I hope to review some of the critical facets of customer retention. As always, this is a personal journey that I undertake for my own self indulgence/enlightenment and so I am thrilled (and amazed) that you have found this post amongst the billions of web pages. I hope you enjoy your stay and find some value.

Part 1: Retention is the new Acquisition

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