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Brand Affinity Dynamics

February 12, 2008

Towards a better understanding of Brand Affinity Relationship Drivers and their Dynamics

June 2007

The marketing community speaks of loyalty as an idealized state along a linear continuum – a process during which – if we are skillful, can transform customers into ‘life long’ partners fully engaged with our organizations. However that idealized notion of “loyalty” is false on two fronts.

Firstly the ‘loyalty’ continuum isn’t linear and secondly, except in rare instances, loyalty does not exist between customers and brands/services – lifelong or otherwise.

PEOPLE are LOYAL to their family, close personal friends, their country…you get the picture. CUSTOMERS have AFFINITIES to brands and services.

Notwithstanding the semantics, affinity is a more accurate term as it better reflects the nuances, the ebbs and flows of a commercial relationship where the brand delivers something the customer/user wants or needs, the brand and customer share an emotional bond while continuity of purchase unfolds.

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