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The Anatomy of a Brand Purchase

January 25, 2008

Summary: This two-part article seeks to help better understand how to stimulate brand relationships and brand purchases – of balancing the short and the long-term.  Of knowing the right way of interacting with the right person, in the right ways about the right thing(s), at the right time/place.

The central thesis is that a brand will achieve greater market success when it comes to recognize and respond to one of 4 basic types of (economic/Wallet, rational/Mind, emotional/Heart, mature/Life) relationships that its customers can have with the brand. These relationship characteristics define what elements of the brand value chain they will be more receptive to and the kind of ‘psychological’ language that marketers should be using when communicating with those brand customers.

Once defined, using the same (W, M, H, L) relationship characteristics allows marketers to transform a media neutral planning model into a marketing integration impact (MII) tool that will identify the combinations of Communication, Experience and Overture events that have yielded a successful purchase, and with it evolve to more balanced tactical and strategic initiatives that can be attributed back to an ROI.

Purchase (P) = xC + yE + zO = 1

The following outlines some thoughts and approaches first put forward in “The Ultimate Decision” and “ Share of Life” posts and extends it through to a model structure that seeks to develop a healthier balance in nurturing purchase tipping events.

Article: The Anatomy of a Brand Purchase – Part 1

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