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World Class commercials

December 21, 2007

This will be a ongoing post to catalog exceptional creative advertising ( be sure to come back for updates and share your favorites).

This is an homage to great communication and entertainment, the kind of stuff that many would actually pay to see. Just imagine if consumers had the option of watching the commercials they wanted – it would raise the bar for everyone. In time – with internet/interactive streaming – this will be the new reality.

It raises the question as to what defines good advertising -“the truth well told”, shiny baubles or whatever moves product. That will be debated in a future post. For now just sit back and enjoy the craft….and no I don’t have a thing for dominoes πŸ˜‰



Honda Accord

Guinness Beer

Carlton Draught

Apple – 1984

Stella Artois

Canadian Tire

Public Service Announcements:

United Nations “Kickoff”

Jolting – was intended for US audience – never seen

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