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Are you delivering your brand promise

August 28, 2007

Ginger in your post “Are you delivering your brand promise”

you raise perhaps the most fundamental question that has to be answered and agreed upon by the enterprise and its customers.

Not only must the brand promise be defined and agreed upon by all relevant parties/touchpoints – but it must also be delivered CONSISTENTLY.

But unlike Mr Hasan static viewpoint – I think it is perfectly acceptable to have an evolving brand promise – as long as it is a relatively upward evolution one which makes room for spontaneous acts of human kindness and other events that may just ‘wow’ the customer or even where the customer sees little gains being made.

As much as we talk about the brand promise – I think companies have forgotten how to communicate them. Just think of the some of the famous brand promises.

AVIS – we’re #2 – we try harder

L’oreal – because I’m worth it

where would they have been if they had simply measured and memo’d and emailed instead of taking the bold step and defining the line in the sand, setting the expectation and then aligning the origanization or the product to deliver against it.


n’est pas?


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